Copywriting Companies Reviews

What is Copywriting?

A copywriter will create content for a multitude of platforms, promoting a business with the use of compelling words and style, engaging with readers and transform them into willing customers. Our writers cover adverts, webpages, blogs, brochures, handbills, E-mail posts, case studies, newsletters, video scripts, LinkedIn profiles, guest posts, Facebook page updates, twitter messages and much more.

How much does copywriting cost?

At Daily Posts, we have 4 packages: $0.02 per word, $0.03 per word, $0.05 per word, and $0.08 per word. The vast majority of our clients are happy with our $0.03 per word content, which they tell us is equivalent to content costing double that rate with our competitors. Our $0.02 per word is for simple projects. We’ve got you covered in every way, and are one of the cheapest agencies around.

How quickly can you get online copy?


As soon as we are able to reach an agreement on your order, how and when you want your copywriting done, we start immediately. We have a team of researchers, writers and editors who work round the clock to fulfil your needs.

How long does copywriting take?

According to your needs, we set achievable deadlines with you, and strive to meet them. Where a writer on a particular piece is unavailable for whatever reason that may be, we have other writers who are briefed on each piece/project, and will take over with no delay.

What if I am not satisfied with the writing agency?

It rarely happens that our customers are left unhappy with our service, and we are mostly asked how our writers create such great pieces within short time frames! However, if you do happen to be unsatisfied, we will discuss the reasons as to why with you and make amends as appropriate. We promise you will always end up happy, just like all of our other clients.

Do I need to come to your agency in person?

Not necessarily. You can contact us via Skype: ‘yesDaily Posts’. All your needs and solutions can be taken care of over message or video-call, whichever you prefer. If you do want to meet face to face, then, of course, we can, but there is usually no reason to meet in person. Via our Skype, we can deliver your content and continuously communicate to give you updates on the go. This means whatever country you are in, we can stay in touch and create fantastic copy for your business.

Can you still do my copy if I reside in another country?

A resounding yes! We have written content for clients in almost every country, and have employees residing in different countries of the world. Once we can communicate with you after contacting us, the rest is history. Just sit back, relax and expect your content delivered as specified.

Can you edit my copy?

Yes. Some clients prefer to write their own copy and send it to us to edit. We have professional editors who will edit and proofread your copy as soon as you send it. We can give you a quote for this service, as the cost of this is different from our copywriting packages.

Do you do technical writing?

Yes, we do. Technical writing is one of our areas of expertise, and we will produce bespoke content just as you want it. You also can order technical writing alongside other products. We’ve got you covered whatever the writing style.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is copywriting for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of writing specifically with succinct keywords, in a way that it supports and strengthens your brand and engages the reader in order to make conversions inevitable, placing you higher up in search engine rankings.

Can I see copywriting samples?

Ultimately, we pride ourselves in the quality of our work. Here are some articles at our $0.03 per word rate. (Links will open in a new window.) An article with Huffington Post on Flexible working An article with Engadget on electric cars An article with Tech in Asia on start ups in Asia If you would like to see other content samples then give us a call or sign up and we will assign you an experienced content writing agency account manager.

Can you produce regular content?

Absolutely, yes! We have a number of clients for whom we provide all their content needs either on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. We can even upload the content to your platforms. Some of our clients require over 1,000 content units per month, whereas others require 1 blog post a week – we are totally flexible with this.

How do I complete a bulk online content order?

It’s really easy! If you would like to order more than a hundred pieces of one of our products or would like to blend a package to tailor to your business requirements, then our CSV upload functionality may be for you. We make ordering easy and can deliver content in excel, word, .txt or directly to a database, whatever suits you best. We have ample spare capacity all the time, as we are recruiting for expansion, turning part timers to full time every day.

How do I contact you?

Please visit our contact details page here.

How do I make an order for copy online?

Ordering copy online is a simple process. Set up an account here and you can have your content in process in minutes. You can also chat to us through our live support function at the bottom of each page. If you prefer Skype then add ‘yesDaily Posts’. Our phone number is 02380 970979 (+44 2380 970979 from overseas). The number for our US office is at the top of the page.

Is copywriting the same as copyright?

Not at all. Copyright is the legal right to produce, publish and distribute another person’s work.

What are your copywriting specialities?

Our specialities include: Seo Copywriting Guide/Technical Writing Niche Writing Product Description Website writing Press releases Blog post writing Website refresh writing

Do you write content for different industries?

Because we have a team of writers from different professional backgrounds, we are able to accommodate whatever industry your copy relates to. We have written, and still write, for industries such as finance, law, medical, automotive, carpets and flooring, engineering, real estate, consumer tech, radio, retail, fast food, beauty, education, dealer support, and insurance.

How will you be able to provide such good value copy?

The simple answer is technology, recruitment and training. We have built a virtual office over the last 2 years to take care of all the administrative side of content. In addition, our team of writers are professionals who are continuously trained to deliver great content specifically tailored to your needs.

What type of copywriters do you have?

Daily Posts have highly-trained copywriters from around the world. We have over 250 writers residing in the UK, US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Our copywriters are professionals who have been tested before they are employed with us. They have long years of experience in sales backgrounds, making them able to produce copy that will stand out and is compelling enough to make conversions. We have recruited people who were educated in the UK and US but now live all over the world. They are intelligent, dedicated journalists, who represent great value for money. We have a 20-day induction all writing staff must complete. They then receive regular training through the virtual office and have a personal development plan so they can improve on writing different types of content. The processes we have established are incredibly efficient, and the Daily Posts writing team is superb.

Can I work for Daily Posts?

Yes, possibly. We will test you, to make sure you can qualify as part of our team. Daily Posts is a great place to work, and if you are willing and ready to put in the work required, you’re good to go. Regularly check out our website to find of vacancies when they arise.

What is the work of a copywriter?

The copywriter ensures that what is being written is adequately researched and is presented in a way that it communicates with the targeted audience. From email posts to newsletters, to guest and blog posts, a copywriter is versatile and can be described as a wordsmith.

What skills and education do copywriters have?

You need to have great attention to detail, be meticulous and be able to write convincing, highly engaging content. You should have basic knowledge of different industries to be flexible enough to write for various clients. However, we train staff on a daily basis so that skills are brushed up and they learn the Daily Posts way. Any other questions? Please click here to ask us. For your adverts, micro-copy and technical documents, you’ll want to order our ‘special project content’. It covers what really matters to your business and leaves readers captivated.