Using Press Releases to Market Your Brand

Press releases are a great form of promotion for businesses and websites looking to draw the attention of new potential customers/clients, as well as retaining the attention of existing supporters. They are usually written to promote new products or services, but can also be used to spread general information about your business or to update people on the latest happenings in your company or industry as a whole.

Usually, press releases are sent to media outlets that will then read through them and disseminate the information, if they feel the content would make a good news article. Lately, Internet press releases target the media as well as average readers. This concept helps drum up visitors to your company website which will, in turn, market your brand. When done properly, press releases can be a powerful promotional tool.

In order to have a successful press release campaign, you have to first create engaging and informative press releases. This is where a professional press release writer comes into play.

A press release writer has the experience and talent to take the information you want to promote and turn it into a news article that will not only relay the details of your specific promotion, but will do it in a way that will entice readers to follow up on the information. These days, potential customers follow up by visiting your website (or contacting you directly via email or phone call). A successful press release writer will enhance your brand properly, using facts instead of inflating your business with grandiose language and fluff.

Companies Thriving Through Press Releases

Press releases aren’t just for new businesses looking to gain customers; they’re used by large, established international companies, constantly, as a marketing tool. You’ll see those successful companies like Coca-Cola, Ford Motors, and even the Walt Disney Company use press releases to promote new products and services or just to announce special events or promotions like rewards programs. They also issue press releases to announce new corporate appointments so their customers and clients know who is running the business.

Successful Use of Press Releases

To get an idea about what a properly designed press release can do for your business, examine a successful press release campaign or a case study of a successful campaign. A good example is a 2012 press release by a mobile phone app company. The company was looking to promote their travel app in order to gain a foothold in the competitive travel market. To do this successfully, they developed a well-written press release to get their brand out to the public.

The company created a press release about one of their recent industry achievements – a Webby award. By using this achievement as the basis for their press release, they were able to promote their business via an impressive industry fact. Winning a prestigious award, that is recognized throughout the tech world, gives the company credibility and entices readers to find out more about the victorious business.

The format of the press release was short and to the point. It gave the readers all of the information they needed without any filler content that took away from the overall message. The release was tailor-made to the specific industry the company were hoping to reach, and for that reason, all of the pertinent information was squeezed into the first paragraph.

By doing this, the press release writer allowed the facts to shine, so readers could quickly see what the article was about before then choosing to read on or not. The success of any press release is found here; the readers were intrigued enough by the initial information to not only read on but to seek out additional information about the mobile app.

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