Daily Posts Going Global


Daily Posts Going Global: Daily Posts, an innovative new content marketing company writing out of Southampton is moving to the global stage. After many years of operating almost solely through word-of-mouth channels the company is expanding; and expanding fast. To facilitate their business evolution, nay revolution, Daily Posts have launched a website with some pretty neat features.

Southampton, England, December 2013 – the new Daily Posts website is up and running. It has been launched to attract interest from large marketing agencies and big brands. Clients can order their content online, and pop through their specifications within the order process. Account managers are at hand to ensure that the experienced writers in the Southampton office have all of the information they need to do a great job.

The website describes in detail the services delivered by this UK company. Clients can order guest posts, blog posts, press releases, product descriptions, magazine articles, website copy and just about “anything content”. In addition, Daily Posts provides the opportunity for their preferred clients to outsource the whole of the content marketing process. With links developed over the last decade numbering their tens of thousands, the teams at Daily Posts have endless streams of friendly webmasters willing to host their top quality content.

So why is the company expanding?

Cummings, the founder, explains “over the years we have done extremely well through freelance platforms and word-of-mouth local business. Our processes are slick. Many of our clients have been asking us why we are not growing faster, and the answer unfortunately was that we weren’t really trying. We decided to gear up for a massive push in 2014, and so we’ve invested five figures in the terrific website now up at www.dailyposts.co.uk, have instigated a massive recruitment campaign, and have a few more innovations on the way”

The website is indeed awesome. The look is clear, fresh and enticing. The order process is smooth and transparent. The overall user experience on the site is very comfortable. The range of products is vast. It provides a simple one stop shop solution for every content marketing requirement.

Paul Bragg, the new Marketing Director in the Southampton Office, states that, “the company has always operated in a word of mouth bubble. Our skill set is therefore huge, and we have developed a quality focus rarely seen in an industry where quantity is often synonymous with poor quality. We are ideally positioned to ride the content marketing wave and deliver massive success to hundreds of companies in 2014.”

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Daily Posts is the price. In an industry where the average UK writer charges over £150 for a press release, Daily Posts advertise releases at just £39.95. A 1000+ word high quality guest post costs just £29.95. Cummings says, “We recruit the brightest and the best. Where a piece of content takes other agencies a full day, we get it done in a couple of hours.  We firmly believe that we offer the best value content production business in the UK, if not the World.”

The company expansion plans are not limited to the new website. “We are going to be expanding from 12 to 35 staff over the course of 2014,” said Cummings. “Our capacity is going to go from around 2.5 million words per month to upwards of 7 million. In 2015 we will go past 60 staff. Our strategic focus over the last quarter has been on refining our processes, and sourcing the best people to craft amazing content for the upsurge in business that we are taking on. We are poised for an incredible journey”.

There are also plans in the pipeline to launch an off the shelf guest post content service. The lofty ambition is to have a catalogue of 2500 top quality 1000 word+ posts available for purchase on the site. This will be a welcome resource for companies who want to search for content, read a summary, pay and download. Cummings affirms, “the off the shelf guest post service will be live in the second quarter of 2014. We have around a quarter of the catalogue produced so far. We are really excited about that division of the business.”

Daily Posts are not your run of the mill company. They are building a huge business off the back of their quality focus. Watch out for discounts over the coming month. Clients are going to be able to get up to 50% off of the standard rates on the website. “Let’s get working together”, said Cummings with a smile.




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