Does it look like a sponsored post?

CEO of Daily Posts, James Cummings, vents about the quality of posts on the web, and why you have to do better.

I get infuriated when writers send outreach posts back to Daily Posts with links that are  inserted in an artificial, stand out like a sore thumb way. It’s important to get links in- true! But you have to ensure that links are providing information for the readers; decent resources to help them engage more with the topic you are writing about. Your goal is to get visitors interested, and ideally for there to be a chance of them clicking through to the website that you are advertising.

Links have to be natural. They need to read properly, and website visitors must feel that they gain value from the link resources, and the piece itself, and not that they have been duped into reading a promotional advert.

Google is cracking down on guest posts. Matt Cutts, the disappeared web spam team leader, has affirmed several times that the standard of guest posts overall has become very poor. Google is actively seeking ways to discount the value of spammy web promotion practices. If you are doing poor quality guest posts you will be found out in time. Don’t be a short term thinker!

Invest in something that will last. Invest in quality posts and well written links. Think about what you are writing, and whether you would want to read it. The acid test of content is normally when you proof read. If you struggle to proof read through the piece, losing interest and attention, then you have probably written a spammy, worthless article. If you are compelled to read the next line, and are excited by the flow, then you have probably done an adequate job; or maybe even a good job.

You’d be amazed at how many people think they can just stuff links in to average posts and that’s enough for the promotional needs of their business. The truth is that you have to be clever and thoughtful in the way you write posts, so that you can deliver something that improves the website that you are writing for, and is worth the read for the website visitors. If you fail to meet these 2 primary goals with your content then you are failing in your promotional activities.

Don’t forget that you are writing for website promotion. If you are writing content that is good for the brand that you are promoting then you are doing doubly good work; you are promoting their website directly through the link juice in the search engines, and you might drive some business their way as well. If you are writing rubbish content all you’re doing is setting up problems for the future.

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