Creative ways to find the best guest post targets

Finding the right website to pitch your guest post to can be both time consuming and confusing, at first. However, once you know what resources to use you should find that the process becomes a much quicker, simpler ordeal.

Some of the best ways to find targets for your guest posts:

Guest poster Pro

Another option for sourcing guest post opportunities is, aptly named, Guest Poster Pro. This software, itself, is simple to use and targets high page rank sites for you to write for.  Not only does Guest Poster Pro offer premiere software, but also a community of forums and networks for contact cultivation and sharing of resources amongst other guest posters. Having this kind of community will make it far easier to connect and locate even more methods of targeting appropriate sites – never underestimate the power of word of mouth.

In closing, the most important thing for any writer looking for guest blogging opportunities, is to carry out detailed research . Know your niche and your target audience. Once you know these things, you can carry out comprehensive research and find the sites that are best for you. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and look in places that might seem unusual.

The big names, like Google, work well, but it doesn’t hurt to try out different types of software or search tactics to get a head start on the competition.


While Google is, and will probably always be, the king of the search engines; Bing is the second largest and can be a very useful tool. A key reasoning for choosing Bing over other search engines, for guest post targets, is that they list their ranks in a different fashion. Thanks to Bing’s unique ranking, you can search the exact same topic and get very different results than you would with Google

Google & Google+

While Topsy, and other search software, is powerful, it can still be fruitful to carry out your own manual searches, too. Research is key when you are doing any kind of work, whether that’s writing the actual content itself, or sourcing a location for it to be published. Never leave anything to chance and always do the leg-work. Google+ has a comprehensive interface that makes it easy to not only find blogs and content for publishing guest posts, but also for maintaining professional relationships. Building and cultivating relationships is as important to brand building as the actual posts themselves.

The best way to carry out any Google search is to insert your niche keywords alongside the term ‘guest post’. If you only search the niche keywords, by themselves,  you’ll get a huge number of results, but some of those websites may not be accepting guest posts at all. Use your time wisely and always search in the most comprehensive and efficient way that you can.


Topsy is a program that searches social media networks like Google +, Facebook and Twitter for topics that are popular. You can search any topic and if you head the search with “guest post” you will be able to narrow the results to sites that accept guest writers. Topsy will also look at each post for the social sharing value, showing you how often the post was viewed or shared across social media. Looking at these stats will help you decide if this a particular website is a good location for your guest posts. Remember, you want to ensure that you’re getting as much exposure for your brand as possible.



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