Why Guest Posts are still an important part of Internet Marketing

Is guest posting and blogger outreach really played out? Out-dated? Spammy?

Contrary to what some SEO people may think about guest posting, the answer is no. Guest posting is still relevant to internet marketing. Getting their posts published on respected 3rd party websites is an essential part of an individual’s or organisation’s branding and link acquisition strategy.

When done properly, exposure on these sites presents a strong recommendation for your brand and helps grow your authority and credibility. To explain further, standard branding strategies include 7 key elements:

  • Purpose
  • Consistency
  • Emotion
  • Flexibility
  • Employee Involvement
  • Loyalty
  • Competitive Awareness

In modern digital marketing , there’s only so much these 7 branded elements can do. The potential customers of any company can log online and find out what people think about them.

Dexter Collier, developer at Royal Pavilion says that Internet businesses have to take an active role in shaping and cultivating how they are perceived online, otherwise their online identity will suffer. We need to do reputation management these days.

To do this, their branding efforts will have to increase to include several new components, all centred around growing and protecting their brand. These new elements include reputation, trust, relationships and connections.

Posting authoritative material on authoritative websites, also referred to as “guest posting” is an effective way to boost your brand’s online presence. (But you must also make sure your site has all the right metrics, including speed, reliability and responsiveness that you get when you use great web hosts, such as Bluehost or Umbrellar.).

Guest posting is the first step to achieving these four new branding elements, while also serving the seven key elements at the same time.

Many publishers began experiencing issues when they relied completely on SEO agencies to write guest posts for them. These agencies didn’t bother about branding or reputation, and some common tactics the agencies utilised included:

    1. Inserting anchor texts, rich in keywords that link back to your site – Regardless of whether the link is in the main body or at the attribution, placing keywords so that they can rank your page isn’t necessarily a great idea. Instead, it gives the impression that the anchor text link is a sort of payment for writing the article.
    2. Publishing your guest post in multiple domains
    3. Writing posts for websites with little or unknown credibility
    4. Creating poor quality content to use in the campaign


These tactics are tell-tale signs that their guest blogging activities are solely for SEO reasons, and not to add value or educate the audience.

Quality Guest Posting

Guest posting can remain a solid part of your internet marketing strategy, and can also give value to your SEO practices. Note the following are essential for any guest posting strategy.

1.Reputation and branding must be at the forefront of your objectives.

These should be the main goal of your guest posting activity and nothing else. If you focus on them, the targets of your campaign are more likely to believe you. The downside is that the number of sites you use will reduce significantly. But quality should trump volume.

2.Relevance counts – If the target site has little relevance to your intended audience, then it isn’t for you.

3.Target the highest possible authority sites.

4.Develop a relationship with the target website before writing a post.

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