What does SEO Copywriting mean in 2017?

The content of your web page goes a long way in driving traffic to the entire site, and this is one of the signals used by Google in ranking websites in its earch results. In as much as some content don’t actually look great at first glance, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting can actually make yours stand out from those in your niche.

Creating content that helps optimise your website to rank higher on search results is what SEO copywriting is all about. You might have great content but it still won’t be displayed on the first (or second) page when internet users put in queries related to what’s in the content. But with a little tweaking, your product advertisement or blog post will always pop up when users search for similar content.

In 2017, you will have to keep SEO in mind when copywriting because content is what drives traffic to your site and developing your SEO copywriting skills, and updating to optimize your old content will boost your rankings on search results. Always ensure that your content is engaging, readable, and easily noticeable by search engines. This way your page can be amongst those on the first results getting 33% of the traffic on Google. Even if you don’t there, you can still move up a notch.

Generally Improving your SEO Copywriting

Properly blend the outbound links on your page. Links shouldn’t always lead to other sites especially when you have related articles on your site. This way, users are likely to stay on your website and even visit more often – reducing bounce rates.

Misplaced punctuation marks, typographical errors and grammatical mistakes aren’t the only issues you can have with SEO copywriting. When a word is used too often, phrases not aligning with the topic or unnecessary lengthy jargon been included in the content, it harms your search rankings. If you wish to focus on the copywriting, you can get a good editor to “clean up” your posts before you publish.

You can quote an expert to add authority to your post. Back it up by linking to the page where it can be found. If you have to repeat certain important information in that same piece, you have to find subtle ways to include them without sounding repetitive.

Finally, you will have to cultivate, improve and master your SEO copywriting skills if you wish to expand your online presence. Better still, you can hire an SEO copywriting agency to help.

SEO Copywriting for Rankbrain

Google’s Rankbrain is like machine learning used for processing large amounts of quality content to data which can be understood by their algorithms and the devices readers use for search queries. The Rankbrain tends to encounter queries it has never seen before, because 15% of search queries on Google are relatively new. It then makes a guess of what the user is looking for with the help of similar content or queries.


Since the launch of Google’s Mobile first index, phone and tablet users have all penetrated the internet and increased the volume of queries. Therefore, when a user types in a query, the Rankbrain determines the search intent and provides results based on what it already has in its database.

SEO copywriting for Rankbrain has been made a lot easier because Rankbrain can provide results in any language – from Hindi to Spanish and English. Before Rankbrain, Google always had to constantly update and alter it’s algorithms to help make rank websites better in its search results.

Therefore, you can now write without cramping up keywords on every sentence – thanks to this new Google’s machine learning. Focus on using keywords when creating resourceful and high quality content without keeping search rankings alone in mind, because your content is still likely to be displayed if searches related to it are put in by users.

Including internal links to your content also has a way of improving user experience and optimising your website to rank better on search results. You can now write better and add a few long tail phrases that will direct even visitors that use voice search.

As Rankbrain tries to decipher your reader’s intent, you also need to write with that in mind as well. This means that you need to work on your metadata (information that search engines’ mathematical algorithms see but don’t really appear on your web page). In order to drive traffic to your site, you will need to optimize your metadata by improving your SEO copywriting methods.

Writing Engaging or Compelling Content in 2017

SEO copywriting majorly means you have to create content that either engages the consumer or compels them to follow certain instructions. Search engines like Google, take note of the number of outbound links from quality websites that lead users to your page – which also increases your link juice as multiple people click on it.

Furthermore, keyword research helps you get competitive high-ranking keywords into your content when you’re copywriting for SEO. When you have targeted words in mind, it will help you create a great piece of content. Although, you get ranked easier with low competition long tail keywords (for starters) but keyword tools like GoogleAnswer the Public and Word Stream can help you get the right keywords and phrases with low competition. A website without much traffic or subscribers should use long tail keywords in its content to help widen the brand’s online presence.

You also need to research a lot on the topic you’re writing about before you even commence. This way, you can convert new visitors and keep existing users coming back to your website. Everyone wants to visit a site where they can get information that will be helpful to them, not just any mediocre content that was probably taken off a book or other competitor’s page.

While creating your content, also look for attractive images, videos that speak more on the topic and an eye-catching title (and subtitles). These titles are mostly what search engines display in their results, so people tend to click on yours when it is catchy enough and looks like a solution to their queries. Therefore, the right structure, media files, keywords and outbound links goes a long way in improving your SEO copywriting.

SEO copywriting in 2017 has moved on from the old fashioned method of dumping paragraphs into your content like you’re writing an essay. Digital content shouldn’t be written same way as print is done because readers examine and glance through it differently from how they will read novels or newspapers. Break up your document with subtitles if you want to a reader to easily skim your page while looking for information that’s relevant to them. Besides, shorter paragraphs are also attractive as compared to longer ones. Ensure that the font you write with is also bold enough for readers to see.

While writing, you also need to make the content seem like a conversation. Words like “you” makes the reader feel like you’re talking to them. Sound casual or formal when necessary and maintain it through out the content. For example, you wouldn’t want to use casual slang terms for content directed at business minded professionals. Don’t try to sound promotional as it will make visitors “bounce off” your website. Try to appeal to their emotions but don’t force it either. People want answers to questions, so you can also include some into content and it will display on search results when readers put in their queries.

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