Website Content is King of Search

Creating content for a new website has many benefits for your company and your overall brand. Whilst content creation doesn’t directly help your bottom line it can be a successful marketing tool that leads to an increase in business. By constantly updating your site with new material, you can improve your company’s online presence and reach more potential customers.

Maybe most importantly; good content is a sign of value. If you have reliable and informative content, readers will look at you and your company as an industry authority worthy of trust and loyalty.

There are a number of things to consider when writing website content. You’ll want to think about the general purpose of your web content, what you want to show the visitors, the overall tone of the writing (this will be your brand’s voice), and what audience you’re targeting. If you keep up a regular routine of creating new content, your business can only improve.

Content Curation vs Content Creation

Content curation is the selection and presentation of pre-existing web content (usually around one relevant theme), which usually has some kind of value for the company curating the material. This has to be done properly, so only meaningful content is shared. Content curation is a marketing tool that is used in a pinch when content creation isn’t possible, but it should always be a last resort, since original content has many more benefits.

Creating original content for a new website is always ideal, since it will engage readers in a way that curated content can never do. If you must use content curation, when you have no time or resources available to create new content, it can be used to show your readers that your page is still active. Again, though, creation of original, fresh content is still much more favourable for your business.

The Benefits of Content Creation

Brand awareness is one of the most important benefits of content creation. If people don’t know that your company even exists, then you’re fighting against colossal odds of getting noticed amongst the general traffic of the internet. This is especially true for new businesses without a current customer base.

Creating content for a new website will allow you to make your presence known in a positive way. Your content will create a brand voice for your company, which is basically a first impression for your business. It will also show readers (who are potential customers) what your company is about, your general attitude and values, and who you are targeting. For example, you can create authoritative and professional content to show readers that your business is a force within your given industry or you can create casual, low-key content that shows you are a friendly and approachable establishment.

While giving your brand a presence, you will also be able to inform readers of the benefits of doing business with you, buying your products, or soliciting your services. Your new website content can lead readers to a sign-up or subscription page or another landing page, potentially turning a casual reader into a paying customer. The content will also keep people coming back to your website – this is called customer retention. If a visitor likes what they read they, will return to read more and will hopefully stay to make a purchase or an inquiry. They may even share interesting articles across Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, which opens your name up to a wealth of new potential readers/customers, and so the model continues, growing and growing.

Content creation will also help in terms of your presence on search engines. Quality content will help your company achieve a high ranking on search engines like Google. When writing for websites, your writing staff or outsourced writing agency will optimise your content for search engines (SEO writing) in a way that they will appear high on a list of search results. This higher ranking will make your company website and name rank higher up the search engine’s results, bringing you more organic traffic and potential custom. Since search engines like Google monitor your website’s activity level, they’ll notice your site and index it more if your website is constantly updated with new, original, content.

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