Use Social Media And Go Viral With Your Blog Content

Social media is a powerful tool and creating shareable blog content is becoming an increasingly important way to reach thousands of customers. Ask anyone who creates any kind of blog content, guest posts or regular personal blog content, what they want most. Chances are they will tell you they want a post to go viral.

An important thing to consider, when you are looking to go viral with a post, is to define what ‘viral’ means to you. With videos and pranks getting millions of shares, it can make a little blog post seem irrelevant. However, if you have a target of reaching say, 1,000 people, when you usually reach 200; that is vital for you.

So how do you get your content to go viral? There are never any guarantees when it comes to online trends, but some of the following tips may help you to reach that goal.

Additional things to keep in mind for using social media

When you design your own blog, make buttons and widgets for sharing the content highly visible. If people have to hunt around your website to find a way to tweet or like, they will simply not bother. There are many plugins, that are easy to install, for you to take advantage of.

Share the content yourself! It seems like a simple thing, but many forget to share their own content. Post your links to Facebook, Twitter, and your established communities – it means more coming straight from you.

Be compelling at all times. Making sure that your content is attention-grabbing and focused on having a human feel will guarantee shares. When people are reading, they want to feel like they matter, so keep the tone personable and warm; this makes them more likely to share your content with friends and family.

Have a world view

Everyone has a world view, whether they think about it consciously or not. When you are reaching out to worldwide social media, you need to think about what your world view is. Expressing your perspective will help others to strike up a feeling of connection with you. Those who have a similar view and enjoy your products, will feel more connected with you and your company on a human level, whereas those who may disagree will come and start a friendly debate with you. Always remember to keep your view polite and avoid expressing it without openly offending others: you never know who might be reading.

Know your community and include them

Every industry has a community. Know yours. By knowing who your community is, and interacting with them, you widen your contacts. When you widen your contacts, you open yourself to a bigger audience. When you understand that social media is basically an exponential, digital word-of-mouth (one person sharing to another, who then shares it with others and so on), you begin to see how important community is. Build your relationships within the community and you will see your reach improve.

Know your audience/niche

Whether the content is for a guest post or for your personal blog, you need to know who you are writing for. It can be so tempting to write for a wide variety of people, trying to reach out and cast a wider audience net. However, you should focus on your specific niche, and aim for the demographics therein that you have yet to reach. Look at other blogs or companies that have gone viral in your niche, see what content of theirs seems popular, and then create your own unique content along these same lines.

Make sure that you stay on top of your niche – become an expert. When people are searching for new content to read, they look for someone who knows what they are talking about. Keeping yourself abreast of any changes in your industry will help you to continuously create quality content.

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