Matt Cutts on Guest Blogging Part 4

As time goes by it seems like more SEO writers are becoming more concerned about whether guest blogging is going to be seen as SEO spam. Google responds to abuse of natural web promotion by imposing ranking penalties. Thankfully though they take things on a case by case basis, so legitimate guest blogging attempts shouldn’t get punished in the manual or automatic web spam penalty process.

Google analyses guest blogs to see if they should be considered spam or if they’re valuable articles that are being used to enhance a website. In order to decide which category a guest blog falls under they look at certain factors.

First, the relevance of the given article to the hosting website is taken into account. If an article is not relevant to the website, and seems squarely out of place, that is usually the first indication that it is spam; used only as an easy form of link building.

Next, Google will consider the anchor text used in the article. If the anchor text profile appears to be heavily keywords stuffed, and doesn’t seem organic in nature, it will more than likely be considered spam.

The author of the article will also be taken into consideration. If the author appears to be an authority on the topic and offers a good amount of insight, they’ll be considered a legitimate guest blogger instead of a spammer.

The overall quality of the writing will also be taken into consideration, as real guest blogs will be characterised by high quality written and graphical content, not poor quality writing.

In order to successfully portray yourself and your work as legitimate Google’s Matt Cutts suggests following a few tips.

  • First, don’t send out email blasts advertising your services as a guest blogger. This will make you seem like a spammer and may cause people to report your work.
  • Second, don’t send out the same article to multiple websites or spin one article to appear different for multiple websites.

As long as you produce quality, relevant, natural, unique, original content every time you submit a guest blog you should be safe, and see SEO benefits from your outreach activities.


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