How To Write Viral Content

While SEO content is the most commonly used materials on modern websites, there is another style starting to gain considerable traction: viral media/content. Writing content for social media, that you want to go viral, is very different from writing keyword content geared towards SEO. So how can you write quality content for your site, that isn’t stuffed and is able to go viral? It’s difficult, but there are a few handy guidelines you can follow to make it an easier process.

SEO is still around

While SEO content writing is always evolving, it’s far from dead. A great tip for maximising on your visibility is to integrate some SEO key wording in with your viral content to make it more accessible. There’s no reason you can’t make a post viral and SEO friendly; just remember that you do have to follow a different set of rules for a viral spread. It has to be catchy, interesting and can’t be littered with keywords, or else it may get lost in the crowd of other boring articles.

Make sure your content is great

No matter what kind of writing you are producing, whether it’s SEO, technical, copywriting or, yes, even content for social media; the content has to be great. How can you make sure your content is exciting, engaging and has a strong possibility of going viral?

  1. Find a controversy: there’s nothing wrong with some healthy debate or controversy – people love content that gets under their skin, or elicits a response. Find a way to start a debate, or a discussion, with your material and then write about that. Even if your subject matter is something that has been well-covered in the past, you can easily find a new perspective on it to create some unique writing.
  2. Find a trend: what do you see currently trending on Google or social media? If it’s something that fits in with the theme and type of content on your site, then write about it. Tap into what people are reading, viewing and talking about and then centre your own unique content along the same lines.
  3. Be inspirational: if you want to go viral you need to find content that inspires people. Take a look at any of the big viral stories from the last 90 days; you’ll quickly notice that many of these stories are uplifting, heart warming and inspirational tales that readers want to share with friends and family.

Allow a professional to help if you can

If you have access to a professional, who knows how to make quality content go viral, then use that person. You might have come up with the perfect headline using the guidelines, but that doesn’t make it perfect; there’s always room for improvement. If you don’t have access to a professional, it’s not the end of the world – it’s simply one of many options available to a website owner.

Make sure you have a great headline

The headline of your content is the very first thing that anyone will see, so it has to grab readers’ attention. Three great tips for making sure you have a top quality headline for your viral content, are:

  1. Make it useful: you want to communicate to the reader that your materials is beneficial, right away. An ideal headline is something like, 8 Useful Tips for Marketing Your Small Business.
  2. Make it unique: your headline has to stand out from the crowd of other websites attempting the same thing. Make sure that it is different and engaging enough to attract readers to your website, rather than your competitors’.
  3. Make it specific: do not use broad terms in your title. If you are writing about real estate, say so. If your article is about marketing tips – tell that, directly, to your reader. Audiences want to know exactly what they are getting into before they commit their time to reading the content, so help them out.

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