Definitive ways to Improve Conversion Rates in the use of Language

It’s a well-known fact that the higher the conversion rates, the better the profits. Having a high conversion is a solid indicator that you are hitting the right buttons and reaching the right targets. It also gives you confirmation of the fact that you’re using the right the right strategy. You can proudly state that you have the secret to your audience’s desires. A beautiful website and great designs are only the beginning parts of real online persuasion. What really seals the deal is the right use of language. Sometimes all you really need to maximize your conversion rates are simply words especially if you’ve done the required research and know your audience.

The knowledge of your target audience gives you the ability to wield your language consciously and deliberately towards the aim of persuading and converting your target audience. The conscious use of language in your marketing can have a significantly positive impact on your conversion rate. Read on to find out how this happens.


Conversion rates are largely dependent on the type of content that is on your website. The content has to be valuable, trustworthy and of course geared towards optimising conversion rates. The internet is filled with lots of businesses and one of the best ways to make your website stand out is with the use of conscious language. Maximising your website’s conversion rates is crucial for your business success.

Speak the language of your target audience

This is not the same as cutting out technical jargon. When you want to optimise conversion rates, the use of customer generated content is a very useful tool. User generated content in this case is often reviews and ratings. When people see that other customers are satisfied with your offerings, they are more likely to follow through to the end and make a purchase. You can generate user content by asking satisfied customers to leave you a review or a rating. Always be proactive about it. Be specific about the type of review you want them to leave. Saying “please leave a 5-star review is guaranteed to get you more positive reviews than simply saying “Please leave us a review”. If you would like words then ask them to say what they like about your service. That keeps them focused on the positive aspects of your service and thus more likely to leave a good review. User-generated content are a proven way to improve conversion rates as well.

The conscious use of language in web copy plays a significant role in driving conversion. When you use language consciously, you will find that you re-examine every single word on your website to make sure that they align with your goal of improving conversion rates.

A/B testing

The Importance of testing, especially split testing can never be overstated. A/B testing (split testing) is the most trusted method to analyse conversion rates. Split testing enables the testing of different copies of the same web page to see which of them has better conversion rates. With split testing you can test almost anything including headlines, images, body copy, and even calls to action. With split testing, you can determine if your content is doing the job of maximising conversions. With split testing, you can also redefine what you offer on your website, develop a unique online presence and even make conscious use of language to make your brand a differentiator.

Be an authority

The use of verifiable links and standard studies in your website makes your website more of an authority. People like science and more often than not follow the science so when you provide easily verifiable facts and data on your website, you increase your trust value. Another thing you need to use is examples. Examples make ideas easier to understand and digest. Examples also provide more support and validity to your claims. So in the use of language to optimise your conversion rates you need to sound like an authority as well as provide facts. Phrases that people instantly trust include phrases like “experts say” or “Data from a survey indicates”. Also, always link to sources to improve the credibility of the content on your website.

Don’t exaggerate

It might be tempting to make unsubstantiated claims about your product but avoid it. While it might initially result in an increased conversion rate, it will damage both your brand reputation and brand online presence in the long run. You want a brand that inspires confidence and trust to build a loyal following and being able to stand by your claims without any exceptions will make your brand perceived as honest and full of integrity. This in itself maximises your conversion rates because people listen when they trust. You can also use your language to increase the trust and communication value of the brand you are promoting. The use of feature reviews and endorsements by either influencers or celebrities also help create trust in your product. Add value to your brand using your uniqueness and honesty and you will see it reflect in your conversion rates.

Words matter

Sometimes in the process of generating copy, you get lost in jargon and forget that the target audience would probably be more interested in regular words. The feeling that you are being directly spoken to is very important to the target audience and exactly what you say is an important factor towards optimising conversion. Whether or not your target audience are technical, you are more likely to reach a wider audience if you keep it simple. Technical jargon might make you feel like you sound knowledgeable but in reality, especially in web copy, technical jargon is more likely to discourage than engage the average website visitor. Cut out the use of excessive words, cut out the use of overly complicated and/or debateable words. These have the tendency to overwhelm and thus discourage the average reader or the tendency to be misunderstood thereby negatively impacting your conversion rates.

Mindful use of language and conversion rates

Several studies in communication have proven the link between speech and thoughts. The language use surrounding a band or a product online definitely affects the way the public views that brand or product. The way a product is portrayed by advertising has a huge impact on whether or not the target audience is going to buy it, and whether or not they will become repeat customers. To use your language optimally to influence conversion rates then you must use conscious language in all your advertising efforts. Conscious language is being fully aware of the words that you choose to use to deliver your message about the brand and the kind of images they will portray to both the target audience and the general population. Considering the fact that the average website visitor stays on a webpage for eight seconds, all it takes is one wrongly placed word to leave them with a permanent bad impression of your brand.

This obviously affects conversion rates because every single word is important in driving a website visitor towards the ultimate goal of conversion. The importance of the call to action has received a lot of attention in recent times due to this. A call to action is most effective when it incorporates simple and concise language. It tells the website viewer exactly what to do with no embellishments and what to expect in return (the reward). If you are able to use very conscious language in your web copy then you are guaranteed to have improved conversion rates. Strategically used words and strategically placed CTAs are enough in most cases to convert the undecided website visitor.

Whatever the medium through which you choose to advertise, you need to understand that the most powerful tools of persuasion that you have are the words you use. For an impression that stays with the target audience, the message needs to have the right tone. The message also needs to be concise and direct with minimal undertones and implied meanings. This leaves no room for misinterpretation or misrepresentation. Another important aspect of the language that makes it an effective converter is the fact that it needs to evoke the right feelings within the target audience. Feelings often lead to action and if you use the right language within your website content then you are more likely to achieve optimised conversion rates.

The conscious use of language in your titles and headlines are also very important. Your headlines need to appeal to a large percentage of your target audience. It should also contain lots of headers and lists. This makes even the audience go with something even after the briefest of visits. You should also consciously try to address a problem or proffer a solution to which the reader is lead to naturally without even realising it.  That way, when a website visitor gets to your website, following through to conversion will be the natural thing to do without any interruptions or distractions. The conscious use of language can help you achieve this and here are the best ways to use your language for the conscious purpose of driving conversions.

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