8 More Ways to make your Blog go Viral

It is no easy feat to make a blog post go viral, there is no one rule that you can apply and voila, you have your post on the screens of millions am over the world. If you read and followed the 12 ways to make your blog go viral posted here sometime ago, then you’ve probably earned yourself a head start. This is a follow up with more ideas to adopt.

It is a great feeling to have what you write appeal to a lot of people, you might even have some important tips to share that will help, but if nobody sees what you have written, then it is useful to you alone and no one else.

Of course, the internet is practically choked up with different ways you can boost your blog, some of them are actually quite helpful, while others leave much to be Desired. However, it remains a known fact that quality content is very vital to the success of your blog post, but content alone cannot give you the popularity you desire. Content is like the fuel set on a stack of wood, it needs something else to give it the spark needed to burst into flames. These few tips could be that extra something you need.

Use Mentions & Quotes

Mentions are the current rage in SEO. Find a way to integrate mentions or quotes in your blog post. Look for quotes or statements by known people that relate to your topic and strategically add these in your posts. If a user make a Google search for any of these Quotes, your blog post will be among the results that show up. But to make it more effective, use the quotes on your post in such a way as to reflect a specific search pattern, this way, you post will be among the first few that appear on top of the search engine results page.

As earlier pointed out, there is no one single hard and fast rule to adopt that would make your blog post go viral. It is a combination of different techniques and tips that will do the trick. Having millions read your blog post and millions of shares is the dream of every blogger but like Rome, it can’t be done with just one trick. Try out the ’12 ways to make your blog go viral’ and add up these 8 more ways and see how fast your blog will get out there. But remember, your content need to be up there for your post to get out there.

Target high emotions

Humans are emotional creatures and so anything that targets their emotions is sure to get them. Topics that target fear, awe, surprise and anger will easily appeal to people and they will be very willing to click and consume such contents if only to put their emotions under control. A content that discredits a popular belief, or one that makes people worried or scared or interested in an important cause or astonish are more likely to get more reads and shares than just any old topic.

Infographics is the new sexy

You might be surprised to know that the new seller of blogs on the block is infographics. These easy to read, easy to digest lists in image format has been topping the charts when it come to blog types people want to read. Readers are getting tired of having to consume lengthy and sometimes hard to understand content. Infographics gives you a better way to present your content without crowding your reader with too much information. This style also allows you to pass across important points and stats with images, charts and bars. And what’s more? Info graphics stand a higher chance of more shares in social media because if fits directly into social media pattern of visuals. Find a way to incorporate your blog post as an infographic and see how much easier it is to get people to share it.

Get your headline right

You might have a very beautiful content full of useful information and all of that, but if your headline is off, your blog post is dead on arrival. There are many really good posts lost in the archives of history simply because their headlines were not catchy enough. Your headline is your first and major opportunity to attract your readers, get it right and you have gotten everything right. I have actually opened posts of posts with very catchy headlines only to find out the writers had no clue what they were talking about. When writing your blog post, use a headline that clearly defines what the reader will benefit or one that can make the reader curious to read more.

Follow the trend

You have that unique topic you want to write on and you think it would be very useful to people out there. Hello, if no one is searching for it, then its possible that no one needs it. To create blog posts that go viral, make the trend your friend. Only write on topics that are trending. Selecting the right topic makes a huge difference to how well or how not well your blog post is received. Do your research first and foremost. There are several ways to keep up with the trend and the social media is one of them. You can look for and keep up with trending topics on twitter. And if you can create an interesting post on a trending topic, then you are on your way to going viral. To make it more appealing, don’t just write on trending topics, tie your post to major trending events or do seasonal contents.

Play with negatives

People are attracted to topics that solve a problem, but they are even more attracted to topics that identify a problem. Of course, this could be in list topic form also but this time around in a negative context. For instance: “12 reasons why your blog post is not going viral” or “5 top reasons you are not getting your dream job”. People want to know what they are doing wrong as much as they want to know what to do right. Find a way to make your blog topic appear in a negative context. It can also give you a spot in Google’s featured snippet if someone is looking for specific reasons why something specific is not working and you happen to have a blog post that tells why.

Answer a specific query

This has been handled in the previous post under the sub heading ‘create an easy how to post’ but it won’t hurt to look at it again. Just as people are searching for a number of ways to get stuff done easily, they are also searching for ways to get a specific query answered. If you type ‘how to’ in Google’s search engine, you will get lots of auto suggestions on common ‘how tos’ people are searching for. Take advantage of this and make your blog post answer a particular query. Your blog title should reflect this, such as ‘how to get the girl of your dreams’.  And if your blog post happen to answer a specific query a user is searching for at any time, your blog post will come up in Google’s number 0 position in the search engine result page.

What is Google’s number 0f position? You ask. This is simply an informal name given to the featured snippet that appears first on search engine results page on top of the main results. And no they are not sponsored ads. Google is programmed to search for content online that answers a specific user how to  query and. Once it comes across the article or post that best meets this query, it places it and a little summary snippet of what the blog is saying directly on top of the other results. And let’s face it, people actually believe that the first few results will provide the beat answer and when they now see Google paying special attention to one particular result, that is the fastest way to go viral you can think of.

After content, list is king

Or better still, content is king, list is next. When it comes to creating posts that go viral, nothing sets the fuel on fire as much as lists. Almost every one online is looking for a particular number of ways to do something. ’21 ways to sell your car fast’, ‘5 ways to trap your dream job’ and so on. Whenever you have anything useful to share on your blog, put it in list form if you can. After all, if you are truthful to yourself, how many times have you been caught by the title of a list blog post only to find out that the content is disappointing. That doesn’t mean you should disappoint as well, don’t forget the place if content in the hierarchy of SEO, you got it right, it is king.

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