10 of the Most Inspirational Stories from Sport

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Well… we love sport, and where better to look for great stories and inspiration than the world of sport?

Sports turn boys into men, men into leaders, and leaders into legends. From the fields to the courts, sports have the ability to create special magical moments in time when anything and everything is possible. Players become invincible in a special pocket of time that seems to defy the norm. A sports game is where the unexpected is expected, where the audience has faith in the impossible, and where the players transform before your eyes to make history.

Every day we hear about tragedy on the news. The problems of the world can sometimes weigh us down, but even through the hard times, sports are always there to lift us up. Sports unify communities, countries, and the world. There are constantly new stories of sports inspiration being told all across the globe. This list only included a few of the many inspirational stories in the world of sports.

Please share your favourite inspirational sports stories below, and together let’s make this the best sports inspiration resource on the net!

10) Jason McElwain

This may be the most inspirational and motivational sports story, but it isn;t from a professional athlete. No… McElwain is only 5 feet and 6 inches tall, and he is the autistic equipment manager of a high school basketball team. During the last four minutes of the last basketball game of his senior year, McElwain was, finally, and unexpectedly, put into the game for the first time, as a sort of “thank you” from the team for his loyalty.

When McElwain entered the game, he started to dominate the court. McElwain sank 6 three-pointers and a two-pointer to get a total of 20 points during the last four minutes of his last high school game. This was an amazing achievement for anyone; almost unbelievable.

This was the perfect example of how a simple sports team can build union and character among a diverse group of people. McElwin’s disabilities set him apart from the rest of the players, but in the end, the feeling of the crowd and his focus created a magical few moments.

9) Kerri Strug

US American gymnast Kerri Strug was the difference between the U.S. winning the 1996 Summer Olympics and Russia winning. In the first rotation of an attempt to vault, Krug injured her ankle really badly, and many thought Russia had the win in the bag. Krug on the other hand had a plan of her own. Strug got up after her ankle injury, competed again on the vault, and grabbed the first place win for the U.S. 1996 Olympic games team. She fought through pain with a singular focus on the prize.

8) Betty Robinson

Betty Robinson won the women’s first ever 100 meter race in 1928 at the Summer Olympics. In 1931, Robinson was in a plane crash, in which she was initially thought to be dead. After 7 months in a coma, 6 months in a wheelchair, and 2 years learning to walk again, in 1936, Betty Robinson amazingly returned to the Summer Olympics where she helped the American team win gold in the 4×100-metre relay. This story is true inspiration; Betty Robinson had a focus and determination that highlights the human spirit to survive and win.

7) Terry Fox

Terry Fox has a claim for the title of the most famous athlete in Canadian history, even though he wasn’t a hockey player, which is saying something. Fox lost his right leg to cancer in 1977, so in 1980 he started the Marathon of Hope, which was an attempt by Fox to raise awareness and money for cancer by running all the way across Canada, at a rate of 26 miles each day. The spread of cancer to his lungs forced him to cease the marathon endurance run after 143 days of hard work and 3,339 miles. Fox inspired his whole country and became a national hero in Canada.

6) Billy Miske

Billy Miske was quite a boxer, and an even better man. Miske lived from 1894-1924. He was an American boxer who ended his career with a 48-2-2 record. The two losses were to two champions, and he fought some of the biggest names in boxing. The real inspiration, however, is seen through the sacrifices Miske made to protect and provide for his family.

Miske had a terminal kidney disease, and he was given only five years to live (by the doctor’s estimation). Miske knew that his wife and three children depended on his income as a boxer to survive, so he continued to box with his disease. His last financial gift to his family was $2,400 gained from his last bout in the ring. He couldn’t walk or train for the match, but he knocked out his opponent in the 4th round. Nobody knew about his disease except for his managers. Miske fought up until two months before he died at the age of 29. Miske’s dedication to his family and his sport is truly an inspirational story for us all. No excuses!

5) Derek Redmond

Derek Redmond was a sprinter for the British track team in the 1992 summer Olympics. While sprinting towards the finish line, he felt his hamstring give out. If you have never experienced that pain first-hand, it is hard to realise just how much pain Redmond was actually experiencing. Redmond decided to limp to the finish line; “I am going to finish my race”. When the pain became almost unbearable, Redmond’s father, who had made his way down from the stands, helped him the rest of the way to the finish line. It was a moment where the world got to see a broken man fight to reach the finish line with the help of his father.

4) Bethany Hamilton

At only 13 years old, a tiger shark bit Hamilton’s left arm off. Bethany Hamilton was an avid surfer before her injury, and she remained an avid surfer after her injury. As a matter of fact, not only is Bethany Hamilton still an avid surfer, but she is also a professional surfer who inspires people all over the world.

Hamilton has a movie out based on her story called “Soul Surfer”. Surfing is what she loves to do, so she never turned her back on the sport. In the end surfing made her a stronger person and remained the largest part of her life.

3) U.S. Men’s Hockey Team 1980 Summer Olympics

In the 1980 Winter Olympics, the U.S. men’s hockey team consisted of a group of collegiate and amateur players. They had to go up against the undefeated Soviet Union. Since 1954, the Soviet Union had won every single world championship and Olympic tournament in the men’s hockey division. The Soviet Union’s winning run was broken in this classic David and Goliath story. The U.S. underdogs defeated the Soviet Union 4-3.  The story has been turned into a pretty good movie too, staring Kurt Russell. Watch the trailer on  IMDB.

2) Jackie Mitchell

Jackie Mitchell was one of a kind, and a pioneer for women’s baseball in the U.S. In 1931, at only 17 years old, Jackie Mitchell did something that was unthinkable of women during her time; she got signed to a professional baseball team. Mitchell played for the Double-A Chattanooga Lookouts. But that isn’t the most inspirational part of Mitchell’s story.

In her first week playing for the Lookouts, Mitchell had to play the fierce, mighty New York Yankees in an exhibition game. In 1931, the Yankees had legendary players like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. What did Mitchell do? She struck them both out, back to back. Her reward? She was fired!

1) Eric LeGrand

There is a common, and often correct, idea that university and professional sports teams only care about making profit off of their players and their teams. You rarely hear about a time where a for-profit sports team has put a player before their profits and self-interest. In the special case of Eric LeGrand, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decided to shake up some of these beliefs. They didn’t have to do what they did. But what they did do epitomises why sport is such a special endeavour.

Eric LeGrand was a member of Rutgers University’s football team and was on a clear path to a promising career in the NFL (National Football League-American). Tragedy struck when he was paralysed whilst making a tackle in a game. Eric LeGrand’s injury robbed him of movement from the waist down, and he was to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed LeGrand to an honorary position on their team. Even though he could no longer play football, he still had a role to play!

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at 10 of the best sports stories of all time. Prepare for an elevation in your consciousness.

The amazing thing about sports is that it doesn’t matter if it happens to be a professional sports team inspiring a whole city, or just a regular school player bringing an entire town, and sometimes even an entire nation to tears, every special moment and every special player is an inspiration. The beauty in sport is that it can be one incredible moment by an average person, a collection of moments by one talented player, or one outstanding act of kindness in the name of sports that can have a heart-warming and inspirational effect on all who witness it or hear about it. From the awe-inspiring moments that can never be recreated, to the unbelievably talented players who can never be duplicated, here is a list of 10 inspirational sports stories. If you like it share it!

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