Why Daily Posts is a Different type of Copywriting Agency

Digital copywriting has gone from just creating content with keywords that can help boost the search rankings of a particular website, to carving out its own niche in the business economy. These days, brands, corporate bodies and individuals outsource their projects to writing agencies to provide resources that will be helpful to their clients or customers. But only a handful of agencies can actually deliver your projects in a matter of days, and one of them is Daily Posts.

As one of UK’s leading copywriting agency, they have not only provided content for clients promptly, but have also transcended from a physical office to a virtual office. Due the advancements in technology today, most organizations don’t spend time looking to buy an office space or paying rent for a physical office space. These monies are being saved and then used to pay good salaries that will boost employees’ performance, upgrade the virtual office to make it easy for employees to use and further train workers from time to time. These are some of the efforts Daily Posts made that put them on the world map as a unique copywriting agency.

Here are some of the benefits their writers enjoy while working in the virtual office, and some reasons that have made clients and critics alike tout them as a unique and different copywriting agency.

Business Growth and More

Many copywriting agencies can only take a particular number of projects at a time due to their limited staff strength and equipment. Operating from a physical office also means that they can only develop at a given pace. This has a way of hindering business growth. But with a virtual office, it’s easy to expand beyond the coast of your physical location. You can as well hire writers from around the world who can provide content that best suits their region and beyond.

Finally, Daily Posts is also different because clients can easily access their products, get feedbacks and delivery, book meetings, fill brief forms that explains what they need in their projects and also contact the agency from any part of the world. This goes to show that a virtual office is both beneficial to both the company, employees and clients.

Work-life Balance

One of the best ways for employees (especially writers and content managers because it involves mental creativity) to put in their best into what they do is to have a work-life balance. Working remotely gives you the freedom to manage family, work, career and other areas of your life, without the stress that comes from sitting in a typical office environment. This is because after working long hours daily at the physical office, you’re likely not to be interested in anything else.

On the other hand, new staff won’t have to worry about relocating because they have gotten a job in a different location. Companies as well won’t need to start buying office equipment to run its new branch office.

Employing More Copywriters and Experienced Content Managers

A physical office space can only accommodate a particular number of employees at a time. This also has a way of limiting the strength and growth of the company. It applies to copywriting agencies as well. Daily Posts for example, has a robust team of well trained writers, editors and experienced content managers who are always available to provide services to existing and prospective clients. A typical office space would have limited them to just a handful of staff at a time and they might end up not hiring the best hands in the industry as they have now.

Employees are Less Stressed

When salaries are paid, workers are meant to make good use of it for their personal growth and to solve financial issues. For a physical office, employees spend a large portion of their earnings commuting to and from work every day – not forgetting how tiring it can get. But with a virtual office, staff won’t worry about spending time and money that they can put into other beneficial uses. Employees are also less distracted when working from home, as this improves their productivity and makes their working schedule much more flexible.

Asides commuting and the stress that comes with it, preparing yourself for the work week (getting new professional clothings, grooming, gasoline for your car, taxi fares, accessories, shoes, purchasing  makeup, doing laundry and so on) can take hours and a chunk out of your wallet. But with a Daily Posts virtual office for example, writers can even work on projects and submit while still in bed. This saves the employee money and also the employer.

Being Eco-friendly

Companies also need to consider the environment when renting spaces. A physical space means there would be waste produced on a daily basis. But with a virtual office, you tend to reduce the impact that waste pollution will have on your surroundings.

The fact that there should be an office space to add to a brand’s legitimacy doesn’t mean it should be crowded. Free up the physical space while maintaining your staff strength and saving cost of running utilities in your office(s).

The Online Office

One of the main reasons why Daily Posts is a different kind of copywriting agency is because they actually hire workers from different parts of the world who report to their bespoke virtual office to work on projects and further undergo much needed trainings. Clients on the other hand, can as well sign up and get their jobs done within the stipulated period filled in their brief form.

Talking about brief form, when a client signs up and asks for content to be delivered, they fill a brief form and provide all the needed information about what type of content they want and how they want it to look. Writers further work according to what’s on that form, proof read and submit without probably writing on a note book and then going to submit at a physical office.

Furthermore, a large copywriting agency like Daily Posts has employees working from home. Therefore, there’s no need paying for a receptionist to answer calls in every country where it has workers. There’s also no need gathering staff in a central location for meetings, new staff trainings, messages and other activities when the virtual office actually has a “meeting room” where everyone can convene and interact.

In as much as a company is based online, a physical address adds some kind of legitimacy to the brand, and clients who feel the need to have a physical meeting can as well book one and discuss terms of contracts.

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