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What is the first thing you do when you pick up your pen to write marketing copy? Do you write without having a definitive goal in mind? Do you know how to conduct research for your marketing copy? Are you looking for marketing copy that can prompt your audience to take a specific action?


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Daily Posts: Your Top Solution for Writing Marketing Copy


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At Daily Posts, we believe that the secret to writing great marketing copy is research. If you’re working with a marketing agency where your copies seem misdirected towards the wrong audience or they fail to achieve your marketing goals, you need Daily Posts.

One of the most frequently asked questions from our clients is “what is our secret to writing marketing copies?” The answer is simple. We invest in research and a team of hardworking experts who know your niche, your audience and the competition. We’ve fine-tuned our writing formula over the years, and today, we create excellent marketing copy that works.

Every business looking to make a profit needs a marketing copywriter to reach their goals. Working with an expert copywriter could be the difference between bland uninspired marketing copy and persuasive successful copy. You lose sales when your copy fails to perform. The copy we create differs in length, style and tone. From short paragraphs to long copies, we’ve done them all and one thing remains constant: we always deliver premium marketing copy.

What is marketing copy?

Marketing copywriting is all the written assets a business leverages to increase brand loyalty, develop customer awareness, retain customers and persuade them to take a call to action. It blends traditional content marketing to attract customers and modern copywriting to convince customers to take an action such as making a purchase, calling a sales number, subscribing to a newsletter or downloading a free offer.

The most important goal of a marketing copy is to sell products. Good marketing copy leads to sales, revenue, and high conversion rates. Marketing copy doesn’t create a desire for the product. Rather it builds on the fears, dreams and desires existing in the heart of the target audience to make them feel they need to purchase something.

For marketing copy to work, it must address the fundamental problems the user faces and helps them get what they want. It’s making the prospect believe that you’re selling them the best service or product in that niche.

What is the Daily Posts formula for writing marketing copy?


Research is at the core of the Daily Posts Way. Effective copy requires research to understand the unique value proposition of the product, the target audience, their primary needs, how the product ties into that, what the competition is already offering and any extra benefits they gain from the product.

A good copywriter must organise their findings to help them write a compelling message to the audience. The most effective marketing copy is not from a copywriter’s brain but from the audience’s language. Our copywriters take the time to conduct research and understand your audience before writing marketing copy for you.

We show the difference between your product and what else is available

Before a prospect visits your website, assume that they’ve been to at least 5 more and they’re going to keep looking until they find exactly what they need. They must be hooked from the headline they see when they land on your web page.

We offer a benefit-driven headline that immediately captures their attention and has them eager to find out more. We tell them what’s in it for them from the first line. Our website copy convinces the audience that your solution is the only one that will work, ending their search and leading to a sale.

Interview your audience

Is there a better way to get into the minds of your audience than to hear it from the customer’s own mouth? Surveys and other research tools are good but nothing beats a one-on-one interview with the consumer. You gain deep insight into their real challenges. We’ll craft questions that go beneath the surface and get them to tell us more.

The data we collate helps us create the most incredible marketing copy that increases sales significantly for your brand. From the interview, we understand which headlines will work best, the right language to use in the copy and the most effective call to action that drives results.

How to write high-quality marketing copy

Understand Your Audience

To produce effective copy, you need to know who you are writing for, how they think and what they need. When you create marketing copy without knowing your audience, your marketing copy fails. The best copywriters take the time to completely understand their audience before writing any website content.

Respect Your Audience

Regardless of how great your product or service might be, avoid speaking down to your audience. Bear in mind that the customer is looking for solutions to a problem. Your copy should treat your customers with the dignity and respect they deserve. Don’t forget that you are the one who needs the sale. Use simple language they understand and write from the reader’s perspective.

Your Headline is Vital

Headlines are a powerful tool in marketing. If you fail with your headlines, you’ve already failed with your marketing copy. To write a strong headline that works, you need to mention the strong benefits, use templates proven to work and test different headline font sizes.

Clearly Highlight Why They Should Choose Your Products or Services

When you have drawn attention from your headline and introduced the product or service, you should explain “Why Me”.

Why should you be trusted? Why should they contact you straight away instead of waiting? Why shouldn’t they look at other providers?  Why is your deal such a good deal?  If you want the customer to fully respond to your marketing copy, make it as informative as possible by answering all of the above questions.

Treat the Copy with the Seriousness it Deserves

Some business owners make the mistake of treating marketing copy as an afterthought. They put together random content, edit it and send it straight out. This type of content won’t reap the right results. 

Writing marketing copy requires time and energy. The best copywriters understand this, which is why they take care to get every facet of the copy correct.

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What Are the Benefits of a Daily Posts Marketing Copy?

Use your time in areas where you excel

Producing quality content on a regular basis requires research and brainstorming – activities that take a lot of time. As a business with many obligations, it may be counterproductive to produce your own copy. It’s easier to outsource to a professional writing agency. Daily Posts has the experience, resources and skill to regularly provide you with original content.

Focusing your money in the right place

When you produce your own copy, you run the risk of costing your business manpower and time. A professional online copywriting agency has the resources and skilled writers in place to take on different projects at a reasonable rate. In the long run, it’s more cost-effective for your business. Your time is better spent on potentially lucrative business operations.

Decide how much you want to pay

Our clients have complete control over the amount they pay for content. We operate a price point system where you can choose (from options) the amount you wish to pay per 100 words. We have writers for every niche and you can expect high quality at all times.

Who do we write marketing copy for?

  • SEO companies

  • Addiction clinics and rehab centres

  • Financial organisations

  • Digital marketers

  • Corporate advertisers

  • Small businesses

  • Hotels and companies in the hospitality industry

  • Web hosting providers

  • Anyone who wants more than to simply break even in the next financial quarter


Writing effective copy that stands out

Our marketing copy reinforces your brand image. Whether it’s print, retail or online marketing, our copy seeks to maintain your unique tone for brand cohesion. If we feel that your tone or message is hurting your brand image and conversion, we’d be glad to suggest a few changes that can help.

Brevity is a difficult but essential tool for copywriting. Our writers know the importance of writing short sentences that pack a punch and are more likely to be shared. Writing concise marketing copy is an art that has always paid off.

When writing your copy, we ensure that we build a message around your call-to-action. We make it easy for your readers to get to the next step and provide visual clues they will act on. Our copy begins and ends with your readers. Every word we chose, every sentence we write and every promise we make reflects the needs of your potential customer.

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