Best Tools to Help You Polish and Share Written Content

A professional web design company that’s worth its salt, like InfintechDesigns will tell you well written content is one of the key elements when it comes to designing a great website. Not just well written content, but content that’s packaged to deliver clear and relevant information to its audience.

Well written content should be engaging, accurate and unique. But if your content is all of that and poorly edited, it will cause the website to lack an air of professionalism and expertise, and that’s a big turn off for visitors.

To help you create, polish and share nigh perfect written content, the following tools are available to assist you;


An alternative to Grammarly and Ginger, this exemplary tool checks your written work for; grammar, style, punctuation, contextual spelling, and most interesting of all, plagiarism.

This tool’s ability to search a body of work for plagiarism really sets it apart from its contemporaries. But it is not cheap to use. Nevertheless, if it meets your needs then it’s worth the price.

I didn’t mention Microsoft Office because I’m sure you already know what that is. If there are other tools you think should definitely be on this list, please share in the comment section.

Google Drive

Due to their strategic thinking, Google has managed to permeate so many aspects of our daily lives. To take that permeation a step further, Google offers Google Drive, an app that makes it possible to remotely access all files saved in your Drive account. Almost every type of file can be saved on Google Drive, from various media formats, to various document formats, and more. It’s also possible to customize your permission settings to allow others access files from your account. Because of this app’s auto save feature to cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about losing important data.


This very useful tool lets you sign documents digitally. It’s secure, reliable, easy to use, and most important, it allows you to stay mobile. It’s not just signing documents, you can also fill forms, and create a signature to be used by someone else on your behalf.


Ginger is a software that’s very much like Grammarly. It’s an online tool that proofreads your work for grammar and spelling, all with the aim of helping you write error free content for either websites or blogs. Its other features include, translation of text to over 50 different languages, an extensive dictionary, grammar checker and sentence rephrase to help you write the same sentence multiple ways. All very useful features that’ll make a content writer’s job easier. But to have access to other features such as text reader, and personal trainer, a small fee is required.

Pages and Numbers

This Apple’s version of a Productivity Suite works on all iOS systems and is useful in creating and editing documents with advanced editing tools. The features of the editing tools include; adding comments, tracking changes, and highlights. All projects done with this tool are saved on the iCloud and are accessible via any iOS device.


While this tool can’t be used to create content, it’s extremely useful for editing a finished job. It’s an online proofreading tool which helps you write articles free of errors and create quality content both readers and search engines will appreciate.

My favourite part about using Grammarly is the review given at the end of every week which shows if the user’s writing skills are improving or depreciating. Stats such as number of words written, mastery of grammar, vocabulary, in comparison to other Grammarly users are all provided to let you know what areas of your writing need improvement.

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