15 Social Media Marketing Tactics to Boost Conversion

Social media marketing is a solid way to generate new leads and increase ROI. Data from Shareaholic shows that social media contributes 31.24% of referral traffic, making it the top driver. The question most brands are trying to answer is – How to increase conversion rate on Social Media while keeping followers engaged.

Social media doesn’t fare well when it comes to conversion and research from Montate who analyzed over 500 million shopping experiences proved that social media traffic has a low conversion rate at 0.71% against emails 3.19% and search engine’s 1.95%.

Social media is great for building a brand but harder for propelling sales and many marketers struggle to convert customers. Driving sales isn’t impossible however as Neil Patel was able to drive $332,640 in sales on Instagram alone.


Social media marketing is a great way to build a brand. In the initial stages, it might look impossible to make money but when you use the tools we’ve discussed in detail, it becomes an incredible tool to drive sales.

Build a community, engage followers frequently, schedule your posts, organize contests, use retargeting tools to optimize efforts and remember that it takes patience and technique to form a loyal following and make the transition from engagement to conversion

10 Tips for using Social Media to Convert Customers

  • Build a Close Community

You need a loyal community of engaged followers. Engaging followers is a way to build personal relationships and drive trust with your prospects and customers. Interact with your customers in the comment section because it’s a great way to inspire them to communicate with you and it only takes less than an hour daily.

If your favourite celebrity replied to your comment on social media, you would be surprised, touched and more motivated to return to their page, it’s the same with social media. When you reply, you’re not only engaging customers, you’re building a loyal network. Share content from your users on your channel using a hashtag that promotes your brand. 85% of social media users feel that User Generated Content (UGC) is more effective than brand posts. It also generates more online conversions than websites or social media marketing campaigns without it.

  • Kit up with the Right Tools

Consistency is non-negotiable in social media because your marketing efforts depend on it. Consistency keeps you in the mind of your audience and what you’re offering them. You can’t spend all day on social media or you’ll burn out so employ friendly tools like Buffer, HootSuite and Meet Edgar to do some of the work for you. Create content in batches and schedule your post ahead of time.

A great tool for tracking conversion is Kissmetrics that allows you to track visitors to your website from social media and the rate of conversion from each platform. Such data lets you know if your efforts are working or failing and where to make changes or focus your attention.

  • Develop Relationship with Influencers in your Niche

Its’ tough in the beginning, especially when you don’t have a lot of social media followers. You can’t generate sales without a robust audience and a proven way to increase your follower base is to connect with influencers on social media.

Marketers use cross-promotions to grow each other’s following by mentioning a brand in a post. YouTube sensation Zoella was able to sell almost 80,000 of her first book using social media connections. Its’ a tip anyone can use, not just big brands. A Google studyrevealed that 60% of YouTube subscribers said they would make an online purchase based on recommendation from a content creator.

  • Use the Mere-exposure Effect

A serious conversion error many online brands make is to post one weekly update and expect it to be a smashing hit. The timeline of the average Facebook and Twitter user is packed with new updates every minute that swallows up your post. To boost conversion, your post must uniquely tap into the mere exposure effect.

This is a psychological term where humans like something the more they’re exposed to it. The same applies to social media marketing. To get people to like your content, post it repeatedly. Buzzsumo found in a research that reshared content boosts engagement by 686%. Share key content to increase engagement and conversion.

  • Use Snapchat and GeoFilters

Over 100 million users watch 10 billion snaps a day, making Snapchat a huge market for any brand. Geofilters allow brands to add their logo or brand design to their posts. With Snap Stories, you can use photos and videos to promote your company’s culture and new product launches. To promote their brand, Pixar used Snap Story to share short interviews with intern animators at the company and show followers what the Pixar campus in Emeryville looks like.

  • Use Life Events to get specific with your Facebook audience

A useful feature of Facebook’s Ad Manager is the ability to create an audience based on Life Events. It’s a tool that people use to share an important change in their life to their timeline. Facebook can target such people with your Ads. For example, if you sell jewellery, when someone posts a Life Event saying “Engaged”, Facebook will display your ads directly to that person’s newsfeed.

You can use other life events like relationship status, estimated income, new job status and others to target potential new leads. This helps to narrow your audience to those most likely to buy from your brand.

  • Online Contests are Great for On-site Engagement

People love freebies and contests drive traffic to your social pages and website. Hubspot increased user engagement by organizing a contest where followers could pitch a business idea in 25 words or less for a chance to win cash prize, mentorship and 3 years of Hubspot. Over 42,000 people like the post and it had about 4,500 shares on Facebook alone.


  • Social Media can Grow your Email List

We’ve indicated that email has the highest conversion rate, more than search and social media combined. It is so powerful that it drove 25.1% of Black Friday sales in 2015. You can harness the traffic power of social media with the conversion abilities of email to drive maximum results and increase subscriber base.

If you don’t have an email list, Hosting Facts provides a few options to help you get started. Once you build a list, consistency is important. Cultivate a relationship of trust with your email subscribers and watch your conversion rates skyrocket.

  • Use Images to Boost Shares

Each social media network handles text and images differently. Hence, you should be knowledgeable on their strengths to optimize your post on each network. Twitter has a maximum character count of 280. What they lack in words, they complement with images. Tweets with images witnessed 150% more retweets than those without images. The same applies to LinkedIn with 98% more comments and Facebook with 53% more likes.


  • Links Should Lead to Relevant Landing Pages

The landing page your visitor lands on when entering your site should be relevant to the social media link and deliver what it promised. Avoid detours and unpleasant surprises, your followers clicked the link for a reason so ensure that the link and surrounding content leads to where the user expects.

  • Use Special Targeting Options for Social Media Advertising

4Apart from Facebook’s Life events, there are other social media Ad tools to help to optimize your digital efforts. Many social media sites have options for retargeting. Use information from social media content that people visit the most to send targeted Ads to them.

Sending direct Ads is a waste of money and doesn’t assure return on investment. Retargeting allows you to touch warm prospectsmore likely to be receptive to your content and what you’re offering. Familiarize yourself with different tools for various social media platforms until you find one that works well for your digital efforts.

5 Core Elements of Successful Social Media Marketing

  • Identify business goals: What is your company’s overall need and how do you intend to use social media to meet those goals. A few goals all brands should have include retaining customers, brand awareness and lower marketing costs. Too many goals are a distraction.
  • Organize your home base: On your website, you control how visitors interact with your site, which is why it’s important to show them you’re an authority in your industry with high-quality
  • Set parameters for success: You need to have marketing objectives that defines when you reach each goal. Your objectives should be measurable, relevant, specific, time-conscious and achievable.
  • Find your ideal audience: Businesses suffer on social media because they have the wrong audience. Use buyer personas to identify and target the ideal customer, in the right location with customized messages for them. Look for blogs, websites or popular podcasts where your audience spends time and cultivate professional relationships. Link to them from your content and drop smart comments on their platforms.
  • Prioritize good content always: Your social media efforts is limited without good content, use them together to promote your brand and convert prospects. Conversation is important but the bulk of your time should be spent creating useful content that educates your customers based on their questions, objectives and problems.

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