Writing Blog Articles for Websites Today: Invest in Quality

Anyone can utilise their writing skills to write a number of blog articles and then post them on various websites; but is quantity all that is required to bring traffic to websites today? Unfortunately not.  It might, possibly, contribute to getting a higher spot in the Google search engine rankings, but it will definitely not make the website any more appealing to readers, by default.

Find out which elements will drive readers to your website, below.

Unique Title & Introduction

Not only should the content be unique, but the title should be just as fresh.  It should grasp the reader’s attention at first glance. The first step to gaining visibility with the article starts with a great, catchy title. It should pop out from the millions of other website articles that flood the net every day, which can bury your content if your title is not compelling enough to catch the reader’s eye.

In the same manner, the introduction should grab the reader’s attention. Again, you can use an excerpt from another website, a famous quote, significant statistics, a story or a question to create the perfect hook.

Writing quality blog articles definitely takes practice. Keeping these useful elements in mind will significantly improve the quality of your blog and article content, whilst helping you achieve whatever goals you have for your website.

Keyword Balance

Writing quality, useful and unique blog articles does not fully guarantee a high search engine ranking, though. A key element that must be considered, in order to improve your ranking, is keyword balance. Again, research is crucial; find out which relevant key words or phrases receive the highest volume, through Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools. Using these keywords or phrases in your blog article will be a step further towards both quality and rank.

Be careful, however, when they are overdone, keywords will have a negative effect on the article’s search ranking. This is called keyword overloading and will make the article sound unnatural. The best method would be to spread out relevant keywords, throughout the blog article and get a well-balanced keyword density that will let the article flow smoothly, whilst increasing chances of better search engine rankings.

Unique versus Original

Remember that ‘unique’ and ‘original’ are two different things. Unique content is what counts. When usefulness and uniqueness are combined, this is a step closer to quality blog articles and a successful website.

While there is a debate in the blogging world on whether or not original content is king, there is also a growing trend of not being completely original. This means that quotes or excerpts from other articles can be used, together with the writer’s own work to form part of a unique and useful blog article.

Although, truth be told, original content may always be the best way to go, as your readers will not find it anywhere else. It might still be worth using another writer’s content, within your own blog article, as long as you use it cleverly and fairly. Fair use means that credit must be given to the owner of the original work and only short excerpts can be used, in a manner that will make it useful to website readers.

Win Over New Readers with Unique Content

Again, bloggers who want to penetrate a niche, with existing active bloggers, must spend time researching. Surf other websites within that particular topic or niche and find out what kind of blog articles they have. You can completely replicate this in your website, but doing so will make it quite difficult to interest the loyal readers of the other websites and win them over to yours. Another option is to try to write a better piece. However, the best method is always the most effort. In this case, that would be to make your content uniquely different in some way from all the others.

Perhaps it would mean taking on a different topic altogether or one that belongs to a sub-niche, for instance; one prominent website has garnered a good following by writing in a completely anonymous, third person voice. Another popular blogger writes news articles, instead of the usual opinion or information articles on similar websites – it’s all about finding your unique voice and style.

Check Content Uniqueness

Another essential element of creating quality blog articles is uniqueness. A blog post, or article, is being written every second, centred on practically every topic you can imagine.  Making your article stand out from all the rest should is a challenge faced by every writer that’s ever lived. Even with useful content, it is likely that the article will be buried under all the others, because its content can be found in too many other places.

Link to and from Relevant Websites

Researching and writing about what is interesting, informative, relevant and useful will not only draw in the current readers’ attention, but it will also attract readers from other websites as well.

These websites may be encouraged to link up, especially to websites that will provide value to their own visitors; plus, linking to reputable and authoritative websites will definitely be a plus factor when vying for a higher rank in search engines.

Reciprocally, bloggers can link to reliable sources in order to increase the beneficial impact of the article on search engine ranking. Links such as these will definitely improve the usefulness and relevance of any blog article, as they will provide more information to readers, beyond what is featured in that particular article. High value links would include references from industry authorities, as well as articles that will provide related and additional information to readers.

Do Your Research

For writers to develop useful content, it is imperative that they research their current and potential readership. Doing a formal or informal survey, as well as directly asking for feedback, is a useful tool for gathering data on the readers of any website. Checking out blogs of a similar nature is another method of digging out the readers’ desires, needs and even their requests. If a writer does their research work diligently, they will be able to place their finger on what readers want and efficiently provide them with quality blog articles that will be both useful and relevant.

Find Out What Readers Want

Again, usefulness is relative. It will be different from one person to another. Some readers read blogs primarily for education, in order to learn something new, this is why millions of blog articles centre on a particular product or topic, and deliver wads of relevant information to their audience .

News blogs satisfy the thirst for the latest updates in a particular place, field or industry. Those readers who need a venue for stimulating debate, or just want to find some place for old fashioned conversation, go to debate blog sites. Community websites are places where people who want to connect to others with same interests gather.

Determine Content Usefulness

There is a list of elements that a blogger must combine when writing quality blog articles that will satisfy a target demographic. First on the list is its usefulness. When writing, the blogger must ask: Is my article useful?

Marketing students are taught one rule, that they must adopt like a religion: that everything must start with the customer. The very first move in achieving market success is to find out what the customers want and then strive to give it to them. Different tools, methods and elements need to be meshed together, in order to make this happen.

Most bloggers start off writing for their own websites about subjects they know best, such as their passions or personal experiences. They eventually progress to writing for different websites, in different niches. Whatever level of blogging it may be, it’s essential that bloggers know their readers and find out what they truly want: the content must add something significant and useful to readers’ lives.

Defining Good Content

The ultimate key to increasing website traffic, and returning readers, is quality content – meaning content that will grab your audience’s attention at first glance. Not only that, it should offer them something of value. These are two important tools that writers should consider when writing quality blog articles, notwithstanding all other elements that will make website blogs successful.

Good content is subjective and each reader will always look at an article in a different way, depending on what they want, the topic being discussed, their personality and even their ethics or values. In the same fashion that an individual can define what a good film or a good book is, so too will the reader look at blog content. This holds true not only for the reader, but also the blogger who chooses and writes the content. For this reason, every blog article will always be met with a diverse range of reactions and opinions – muddying the waters.

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