Making Your Blog Content Relevant

In today’s world of information overload, you need to provide transparent, if not concrete, examples of how your services and products can benefit specific niche audiences. That is why you should direct your blog material to the people you want to reach. Make the information relative to those individuals who stand to gain the most from using your products or services.

Strike a Chord with Your Readership

According to an Infographic put together by InboundWriter, content that lacks emotional appeal or ‘share-worthiness’ is less likely to go viral or appeal to an audience. In order to spark one’s emotion, the content needs to strike a chord with its readership.

Spark a Positive Response

Make the content practical and useful so it can be shared. Link your blog with your social media accounts and, remember, it’s better to provide content that is uplifting and useful if you want to invoke a positive response.

Focus on Trending Topics

According the InboundWriter, it also helps to focus on trending topics. The site suggests referring to Google Hot Trends or Alexa Hot Topics in order to get ideas. InboundWriter also provides content producers with content optimization assistance so they can get a better idea of their target market’s preferences, likes and dislikes. They suggest that online marketers use keywords to inspire their writing, as well as enhance their visibility online.

Create Viral-friendly Content

Naturally, in an ideal virtual world, you would like to produce the type of content that would cause your site to suddenly go viralovernight. While you may not be able to attract millions of viewers, you can create content that garners the attention of thousands of people if you know the keys for triggering such a response.

See What Has Worked in the Past

It also helps to leverage the data that has already been written and used. See what topics have worked in the past, using positive mentions, downloads, shares or page views as your gauges for measurement.

For those topics that provide a good response rate, you might want to figure out a way to create a new spin on the same subject. For example, if you are a real estate broker that obtained a good response from the topic of “curb appeal,” you might want to write future articles about the different aspects of this topic.

Such topics include the planting of flowers and shrubs, installing lighting along walkways, installing a new garage door, replacing hardware, painting a front door or cutting back trees and shrubs.

Produce Engaging Content

According to the Content Marketing Institute, producing engaging content is the number one concern of business-to-business marketers. However, you need not despair as there are ways you can upgrade the information you are producing in order to step up your game.

Just Ask

Data scientists, that regularly review information for companies who wish to optimize their content, suggest that businesses should simply ask their audience what matters to them. If you want to develop relevant content, don’t make assumptions. Make use of e-mail newsletters and social media sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, to obtain the necessary feedback.

Narrow Down the Material

Whether you are writing a guest blog post or developing content for your own blog, you need to narrow down the material. Again, make sure you are communicating directly to those customers and potential customers you really want to reach. Read the comments that customers or readers are leaving on your business’ social media sites and take a regular part in the discussion. By communicating in this fashion, you can answer concerns or address specific topics when writing or producing your blog material.

Speak Directly to Your Audience’s Needs

That is why relevancy is the buzzword today, when it comes to creating and managing content for your blog or website. Interaction with your customers, and potential customers, through social media sites is the best way to continue getting noticed and capture your target audience’s attention. The data and information you generate must not only spark their interest, it must also speak directly to their needs.

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